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Are you in the market for a new Chevy car, truck, or SUV? Maybe your current vehicle is getting up there in age and mileage and has more wear and tear, or you’re simply looking to switch to a different type of vehicle because your needs have changed. Whatever the reason, there’s a lot to consider when planning your next vehicle purchase. If you’ve been deciding between buying or leasing your next vehicle, there are some important factors to consider, and you might want to make taking a closer look at Chevy lease deals part of your initial research.If you’re a buyer who is looking for the most cost-effective option over time, then going with a brand new vehicle might make the most sense. But you’re some one who is looking for the most current features? Choosing a lease deal may give you the freedom to get that new Chevy vehicle experience but at a lower price.

Why DePaula?New Vehicles Lease Specials

What is Leasing?

The traditional method of buying a new car with a conventional financing method (or cash) is fairly straightforward. A lending institution lends you the money, which you pay back in monthly terms for a period of several years. That monthly payment is mostly the principal balance, but some is also interest. When you pay off the loan in full, the car is yours to do what you want with. However, in recent years, leasing a vehicle has become a popular option for a lot of customers.

Leasing can be more appealing that buying for a lot of reasons, the most of which is lower monthly payments. In simple terms, when you lease a vehicle, you are essentially renting it for a period of time, and your payments go toward the amount at which the vehicle depreciates in the time in which you have it. This can offer some advantages that you can’t get when buying a vehicle outright.

  • Because the vehicle is new, you’ll be driving it during its most trouble-free period of time.
  • You’ll always be driving a late model vehicle with more current technology and features, and which will likely still be covered under the original manufacturer warranty.
  • Because your monthly payments will be lower, you’ll be able to drive a higher-priced, better-equipped vehicle that you might not be able to afford if you bought it outright.
  • You don’t have to deal with rapidly declining values or have to deal with the hassle of selling it when the lease term is up.
  • For business owners, leasing a vehicle may present significant tax advantages.
  • At the end of your lease term, all you need to do is return the vehicle to the dealer.

There are some downsides to leasing as well, so it’s important to weigh all of the pros and cons before deciding.

Leasing Saves you Money

As noted above, the number one advantage to leasing a Chevy is lower monthly payments, and who doesn’t love to save money? But the savings don’t end there. When choosing to lease a vehicle, your down payments will also be lower, which means it’s easier to be into the ride you want. If you need to arrange for financing, leasing will often provide a lower interest rate on the loan, which adds up to even more savings in the long run. And because of all these savings, this can open up possibilities you didn’t think were possible as far as what vehicle you might be able to get. Normally, some vehicles may simply be too expensive for your budget. But with the lower down payment and monthly payments, this allows greater flexibility in vehicle choice, and you won’t feel locked into a certain Chevy model. An average car lease payment could be up to 60% lower than your payments would be if you were buying the same vehicle via a traditional auto loan.

If you intend to use the leased vehicle for your business, you can typically write off all of the monthly lease payment as a tax deduction. But even for personal use, many states only tax on the “usage” part of the lease – only the portion of the vehicle that you use and not the entire cost. Business buyers are urged to consult with a tax attorney to determine if leasing is the best option.


Leasing Provides Protection for Lessees

One important factor to consider when leasing a Chevy is that you won’t own the vehicle – you’re essentially renting it. This means that any excessive wear and tear or damage will be your responsibility since the dealership technically owns the vehicle. They will surely charge you for any necessary repairs outside of the norm.

However, if your leased Chevy runs into any mechanical problems, the dealership has you covered. Just as if you bought the car outright, leased Chevys come with factory warranties that cover any applicable mechanical defects or issues. So if you encounter any issues that are out of your control, you won’t be responsible for paying for the repairs.

Leasing Provides the Ultimate in Flexibility

When buying a car outright, when the time comes where you decide you want a new one, you are responsible for selling it or trading it in when the time comes. If you’re someone who does this every few years, you’ll quickly learn how much value has been depreciated in that time, and you probably won’t be getting the most value for the significant investment you are making.

Leasing makes better financial sense for buyers who are looking to swap out their vehicles every few years and provides the flexibility to turn in the vehicle at the end of the lease term for another. In this way, leasing provides for a better return on your investment.

At the end of your lease term, the process is simple – just return the vehicle to the dealer. At that point, the obligation is completed, or you can choose to lease another, it’s totally up to you. You may also have the option of buying the vehicle you’ve been leasing for a pre-set price.

Chevy Lease Deals at DePaula Chevrolet

Finding a new car can be tough, especially if you aren’t familiar with the entire process. It’s important to understand the manufacturer you want to choose, the budget you have available, and which dealership you want to work with. Chevy offers some of the best deals in the industry and is able to provide straightforward value and utility, something that can often be difficult to find in the automotive industry. If you are searching for Chevy lease deals, look no further. Here at DePaula Chevrolet, we have plenty of options available for Albany drivers, ranging from sedans to SUVs.


Why Lease a Chevy?

Chevy is a great manufacturer for drivers of all kinds. Whether you are seeking out a car, truck, or SUV, you will find dependability and reliability in every Chevy model. At this point, Chevrolet has over a century of experience in manufacturing quality vehicles, and its craftsmanship is nearly perfect in terms of performance for value and consistency. Further, where many manufacturers simply produce one line of vehicles, Chevy has plenty of options to choose from and is able to accommodate any driver.

If you are seeking Chevy lease deals on a car, you could check out the Bolt EV, Sonic, Spark, Malibu, or Impala. For SUV drivers, there are even more options, including the Equinox, Suburban, Tahoe, Trax, Traverse, Blazer, and Trailblazer. Truck drivers can choose between the several variants of the Colorado and Silverado. Finally, if you are looking for a more sporty option, you could always peruse our inventory of Camaros and Corvettes.

There are some attributes that span all of the categories of Chevy that cannot be ignored. Chevy vehicles have a reputation for being extremely advanced when it comes to technology and fuel efficiency. These vehicles provide top-notch technology offerings, with the most modern options available. New Chevy vehicles come standard with entertainment systems that are compatible with Android and Apple devices, so you can play music or utilize GPS to reach your favorite locations.

Chevy vehicles are also designed with your wallet in mind. These vehicles are crafted to achieve the best fuel economy possible. Equipment such as emissions-friendly engines has been implemented to ensure that no fuel is wasted in powering your vehicle. This can make quite the difference over time, especially compared to other manufacturer’s vehicles that forego this important detail.

Even the aesthetics of Chevy vehicles, inside and out, are astoundingly modern. Onlookers will be entranced by the unique aesthetic of Chevy vehicles. Chevy constantly upgrades its appearance, and you will be up-to-date regardless of your vehicle selection. This is another great benefit of leasing. With its roomy interiors and ingenious American craftsmanship, it is no wonder why Chevy has such a reputation for making quality vehicles.

Why Lease at DePaula Chevrolet in Albany?

If you are the type of driver that is looking for the most current features, leasing is certainly the best route to go. You could always outright buy a vehicle if you are planning to drive one model for many years to come and want the most cost-effective option. For many of us, though, we are seeking a vehicle that will be comfortable and up-to-date to get us from point A to point B. Leasing gives us the freedom to have a new Chevy every couple of years at a very reasonable price.

In the past, buyers would use conventional financing or cash to buy a vehicle outright. To finance the purchase, a lending institution would send you money to buy the vehicle, and you would pay back the loan plus some interest. This is a straightforward option, but it is very restricting to those of us who would rather drive a newer model instead of having to pay off a loan on an aging vehicle. Because of this, leasing has become a very popular option for many drivers.

There are many benefits to leasing. For one, it allows you to return the vehicle once the lease is up. You won’t need to search for a buyer or scrap the vehicle to move on to the next, as is the case when you buy a car. You also have the added benefit of driving a new vehicle in its peak condition. On that note, these top of the line cars are available at a drastically lower price for you, since you aren’t paying for the entire vehicle, but rather a small amount to lease. This comes with the peace of mind that, while you drive it, the vehicle’s depreciation does not impact you whatsoever.

While we are discussing leasing overall, the best option for leasing a Chevy would be through DePaula Chevrolet in Albany. We have plenty of Chevy lease deals, and our professional and helpful staff is spectacular with assisting you throughout each stage of the leasing process for your next Chevy. This spans from initial research and test driving to financing and post-sale service. It is our drive to help our customers that allows us to be the leading Chevy dealer in the greater Albany area.

How to Get to Our Dealership

If you plan on taking a trip to our dealership, here are some directions to help you out. We are conveniently located in Albany along Interstate 90, making it easy to reach us even if you are traveling from as far away as Vermont or Massachusetts.

If you are traveling from Schenectady, it should take about 20 minutes to get to our location. The fastest route is to simply find your way onto Interstate 90 East and follow it until Exit 5. Once you leave the Interstate, simply turn right, and our dealership will be waiting for you at the end of the road on your right.

For visitors from Troy, the trip should take around 15 minutes. Just get on Interstate 787 South and follow it to Exit 5 and Interstate 90 West. You will then leave that Interstate at its Exit 5. Turn left onto Everett Road, and you see our location at the end of the road on the right.

If you are heading our way from Clifton Park, your trip should be around 20 minutes. First, get on Interstate 87 South and follow it to Exit 1 E-W. Stay in the left lane, and this will put you onto Interstate 90 East. Stay on this road until Exit 5. Once you have taken the exit, turn right on Everett Road, and you will find our dealership at the end of the road on your right.

The DePaula Chevrolet Advantage

It can be tough to make a final decision on leasing vehicles, especially when it comes to which vehicle to go with and how to finance the purchase. At DePaula Chevrolet, we have the right Chevy vehicle for you and will help you with every step of the decision. We will even support you long after the papers are signed.

Our professional staff provides the highest level of service possible and is trained to help you make the right decision. We want you to be happy with your new vehicle for as long as you drive it. So give us a call or drop by in person and discover what DePaula Chevrolet can do for you.


Why Lease with DePaula?

DePaula Chevy is the leading Chevy dealer in the greater Albany area with an extensive selection of Chevy vehicles to choose from. Our professional and courteous staff is ready to assist you in all phases of leasing your next Chevy, from initial research to test drives to financing to service after the sale. We invite you to join the DePaula family to become a preferred customer and receive discounts and benefits.

DePaula is proud to serve our customers, and our record of satisfaction has been proven by winning several awards including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 GM Dealer of the Year Award; 6 Time winner of Chevrolet Genuine Leader Award; 7 Time General Motors Standards of Excellence Leadership Award; 7 Time General Motors Mark of Excellence; and the #1 Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned Dealer in all of the Northeast! Our customers are happy because of the superior customer service we offer throughout the entire car buying process.

Visit our showroom today on Central Avenue in Albany and talk to our sales team to learn more about how we here at DePaula Chevy can arrange the perfect lease for your next Chevrolet vehicle!

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