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Have you noticed decreased performance or efficiency from your vehicle? When you’ve taken a quick glance at the engine oil, did you notice that the liquid was excessively dark and gritty? This means it’s time for an oil change, but it’s also an indication that you may need a new oil filter.

These parts keep your car’s oil fresh and clean, removing any tiny particles or dirt and grime. When the foreign objects make their way into the system, they can decrease the performance of the oil. This vicariously affects the vehicle’s performance and efficiency, and it could completely compromise the health of your car.

Replacing these filters is a crucial task, yet some car owners don’t recognize the importance of these parts. Understanding the impact of these oil filters is an essential step for drivers to realize the various benefits that accompany such a repair and/or replacement.


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Understanding Oil Filters

Car owners often find themselves ignoring some of the most routine maintenace and repairs, but you can’t really blame them. Many drivers are unaware of the importance of each individual car part. While they may recognize decreased performance and efficiency, they’re probably operating under the assumption that the issue can’t get any worse.

Unfortunately, these problems can manifest themselves, causing additional issues and leaving you in quite a financial hole. Therefore, it’s especially important to understand what each of these parts bring to the table, and one of the most important parts to understand is the oil filter.

Why Are Oil Filters Important?

Car owners strive for clean and filtered motor oil for optimal performance from their vehicles. When this liquid is working properly, you car should be performing at its peak. When the oil isn’t working properly, you’ll recognize that your vehicle is struggling to accelerate or even run. Oil is intended to be dark and smooth, so a gritty consistency is an indication that its time for a change.

Oil will ultimately need to be changed over time, so that’s unavoidable. However, you may notice that the oil is quickly losing its quality and effectiveness, which is an indication that there’s a more serious underlying issue. The oil filter plays a major role in keeping the liquid fresh and clean, so decreased oil performance could be attributed to this part.

The oil filter helps keep the oil clean and clear of any particles or substances that may have snuck in somehow. With a metal seal gasket pressed against the filter, only pure oil is able to escape through the tiny holes. Meanwhile, the oil pump keeps the liquid traveling through the unit, meaning the process is neverending. When the oil filter fails, the dirt and grime aren’t easily removed from the liquid. This vicariously compromises your oil, which then impacts the overall operation of your vehicle.

Which Filter Do You Opt For?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one universal oil filter that fits every type of car. As a car buyer, you’re going to have to find a part that fits both your vehicle and your driving habits. Some threads or gasket types could severely affect the way the oil is filtered, thus compromising your vehicle’s performance. Meanwhile, some filters are less dependable, so if you’re a driver who likes to keep their foot on the gas, you should seek a longer-lasting part.

To be safe, you should refer to your vehicle’s manual to get an authoritative opinion on what filter to use. You could even visit a trusted mechanic, as these knowledgeable technicians should recognize which parts are proper for respective vehicles. Similar to any vehicle repair, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to leave these jobs to the professionals. While you may be saving some money by avoiding a mechanic, you could be putting yourself in a larger financial hole down the road.




When replacing your oil filter, a car owner shouldn’t be strictly motivated by recommendations from their vehicle’s manual. Instead, they should recognize that switching out this part as needed can actually improve the quality of your vehicle.

By ignoring your vehicle’s well-being, you could be setting yourself up for costly repairs down the road. Therefore, while you may be dishing out some cash for these minor repairs, it should actually pay off in the long run. Best of all, replacing the oil filter will make you feel like your driving a brand-new car, as routine operations are enhanced when everything’s working properly.

Saves Money in the Long Run

This doesn’t make much sense on the surface. You’re spending money to have parts of your car repaired or replaced, so how could you possibly be saving money? Well, by failing to have these parts serviced, you’re risking more serious issues with your vehicle. While it may not necessarily seem like they’re connected, there’s a good chance that this simple repair now could actually save you thousands of dollars later.

Of course, it’s important to remember that your car is only going to deliver as much as you put in. In other words, don’t be surprised if an aftermarket part doesn’t end up performing as you had hoped. Plus, some of these filters focus on specific tasks or capabilities, like filtering or durability. Understand the attributes of your targeted filter before you make the purchase.

Results in Increased Performance

A faulty oil filter can compromise several aspects of your engine’s overall operation. By replacing this part, you’ll find increased performance across the board.

Gritty, overused oil can result in decreased engine power and ability, so by replacing the part, you’ll surely notice an uptick in performance. Meanwhile, you may have noticed that trips to the gas station were becoming more frequent, but those should also be reduced as your efficiency climbs.


Different Types


Of course, there are other filters in your car that deal with more than oil. These various parts monitor your engine and the gasoline, assuring that no foreign particles are making their way into the system. There are even filters that impact the air quality in the cabin, thus helping the driver and passengers.

Similar to the oil filters, it’s essential to understand each of these individual parts’ functions and capabilities.

Engine Filter

Engines require clean air for combustion, so engine filters help provide the necessary amount without compromising performance. These filters allow air to enter the engine without being accompanied by any dirt specks. With this pure air entering the system, drivers will receive optimal efficiency.

Air filters are traditionally replaced once a year, but you may have a longer or shorter wait based on where your drive. If you normally travel on sandy, dusty roads, then your engine filter is presumably clogged. Regardless of how long it’s been since your last change, if you notice decreased performance or efficiency, it’s time to visit a mechanic.

Cabin Air Filters

These specific parts are more focused on the quality of the occupants’ well-being as compared to the engine or mechanics. When traveling at higher speeds, your vehicle is prone to letting in any natural irritants. The cabin filter prevents these particles from entering your vehicle, meaning drivers and passengers won’t have to breathe these potential allergens.

Fuel Filter

While an oil filter works on removing any grittiness from oil, fuel filters focus on solely the gas. Diesel engines will feature a different type of filter, as the part will work to remove any water and prevent any metal decay. Either way, these essential pieces are intended to improve the quality and life of your engine.

When tiny particles make their way into your vehicle’s gas supply, they could compromise the effective functionality of your entire system. If you want your vehicle to be operating good as new, you’ll want to make sure you replace this part every year. It’s best to pursue these repairs at the beginning of the summer, when dirt and grime can easily enter your motor.
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Replacing oil filters isn’t a particularly pricey service, but they could take an hour to replace. While you’re waiting for your vehicle to be fixed, you could check out DePaula’s variety of new and used cars. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself driving off the lot in an entirely different car…