How to Improve Your Driving Experience


We’ve all been there: you’re tired of making the same commute, sitting in the same traffic, and listening to the same radio stations. You’re looking for something that will jazz up your driving experience and make any trip more enjoyable. You’ll be pleased to know that other drivers have been getting creative for years, and there are a variety of different things you can do to improve your daily drive.

Whether you’ve purchased from new car dealers or used car dealers in Albany, New York, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a bit of flavor to your vehicle. Check out some of our suggestions below…

Switch Up the Mechanics

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, maybe you could consider tweaking your car’s performance. The obvious choice would be to upgrade the vehicle’s engine, as a driver could look for more speed or power. Another option would be to include a cold air intake, as the additional air going towards your engine will improve both horsepower and fuel efficiency.

If you’re instead looking to improve the driving experience, consider switching up the vehicle’s transmission. Moving from an automatic to a manual is an eye-opening experience, and learning how to be utilize a stickshift will keep you occupied for some time. Reversely, you may be sick of dedicating the necessary amount of focus to drive a stick shift. Opting for an automatic could allow you to enjoy your car’s other features.

If you have a manual transmission, think about adding some “short throw shifter options” or a “free or aftermarket shift knob,” as Josh Taylor of suggests. Adding these two features will improve your car’s handling and feel, making it seem like the car is brand new again.

Add Some Exterior Features


The obvious place to start here is with the wheels. This is especially important if you’ve decide to include a new engine, as it’s very important that you consider how your vehicle’s power will impact the wheels and tires.

Some enthusiasts have recommended going a cheaper route, and including sway bars. One pundit commended the part’s ability to reduce body roll, and the sway bar could also help in improving the under-steer or inducing the over-steer.

Mate Petrany of has some unique suggestions, like converting your sedan to a pickup. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you could even chop the roof of your car, but Petrany warns that without chassis strengthening, you may be dealing with an extra wobbly car.

Add Some Interior Features


This is where you can have a lot of fun and let your creativity flow. Many people opt for a new sound system, and many of the available systems feature a number of different speaker combinations. Upgrading to satellite radio could provide you with some variety during your commute, and a new infotainment system could allow you to access all of your new toys without even moving your hands.

But why stop there? If you want to go the party route, maybe consider adding some light machines to your car (but assure that they’re legal). If you’re going for the hippy feeling, maybe add some curtains, or if you’re going for the covert, think about adding some tinted windows.

As technology has improved, so have the various features we can include in our vehicles. The AutoExec Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk comes to mind first, as the small tray gives you a tiny table to work with while you’re in a car (but not while you’re driving). If you want to explore the artist inside of you, get your hands on a Grime Writer. The pen-like contraption is full of cleaning solution, allowing you to draw on grimy services (while also cleaning at the same time).

Download an App


There are a number of different phone applications that won’t necessarily make your ride more fun, but it’ll cut down on some distractions, allowing you to enjoy any of the amenities you’ve decided to add.

For instance, the GasBuddy app will assist you in finding affordable fuel prices within a specific distance. There’s also Waze, which utilizes crowdsourced traffic information to provide driver’s with the most time-efficient routes. With the help of this app, drivers can avoid traffic and speed traps.

If you’d prefer to avoid using your phone altogether, you could always opt for the Auto Didact Automatic. The small device can be plugged into your car’s data port, where it will record a variety of information. As it analyzes how you drive, the app will provide you with suggestions to improve your fuel usage and your car’s performance.

Purchase a Different Car

This certainly isn’t the most financially-sound suggestion. However, if you find yourself bored with your car and you’re in the market for a new vehicle, this could be the route to go. If you decide to go with a new car, the options are practically endless.

If you’re seeking a smaller car that purrs like a vehicle with a considerably larger engine, you could always opt for the Sonic RS. Jake Lingeman of appreciates the vehicle’s lack of turbo lag, and the fifth gear allows is it zoom past many of your fellow drivers.

Chevy’s 2015 Trax features front-wheel or all-wheel drive, which could both be entertaining in their own unique way. Despite it’s small size, the crossover can still pack a punch, and it also offers a unique combination of power, speed, and handling.

Finally, while the sentiment may not universally be agreed on, Kevin Tofel of appreciates the adventures that accompany the electric Chevy Volt. While most current owners have their own electricity output, there are clearly situations where you’ll need to charge on the road. This leads to you taking some unexpected routes, and you may find some gems while you’re traveling off the beaten path.


Hopefully we’ve gotten you on your way to having a more enjoyable ride. If you do decide to opt for a different vehicle, consider checking out DePaula Chevrolet in Albany, New York. The staff will happily hook you up with an enjoyable new or used vehicle.