Why Buy From DePaula Chevrolet?

A couple is shown shopping for a vehicle at DePaula Chevy.

There’s a lot at stake when it’s time to purchase a vehicle. As you evaluate your automotive needs, you’re also framing those needs within your budget and narrowing your options to find the perfect fit and a model that doesn’t force you to compromise or settle. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about throughout this process is who to trust to walk you through the sale. So, why buy from DePaula Chevrolet? Why trust us with this significant investment?

We are ready to partner with you to find the best car, truck, or SUV. But what does it mean to have us on your side? As a comprehensive automotive center, our mission is to offer an exceptional customer experience that reflects our promise to be your home away from home. We’re not only here to help you find the right vehicle, but also to help you protect your investment every mile ahead.

Our long-term commitment to our customers makes us the premier Chevrolet dealer in the region. But why else should you choose us? From our integrity, transparency, and respect to our pre-owned promise and new vehicle advantage, here’s why you need to make DePaula Chevrolet your first and only stop.

Our Values and Culture

DePaula Chevrolet strives to be the best and fulfill our mission to deliver a unique dealership experience to every customer. This experience begins by recognizing our most important asset–our team–and building a culture that celebrates that team and embodies our core values. But what does this mean, and why is it an essential factor in your experience as a customer?

Our team is enthusiastic, passionate, honest, hard-working, and committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to everyone. They’re passionate about their jobs because we continuously reinvest in them, encouraging them to dream bigger and fulfill their professional and personal goals. From our sales team to our finance experts and service technicians, every member of our team is our greatest asset. It only makes sense to invest in our assets because happy and fulfilled employees that are confident in their careers lead to satisfied customers that turn to us for all their automotive needs.

The DePaula Chevrolet team also embodies our values, from the respect we show every customer to our transparency and integrity. We know that a vehicle is an investment that deserves thoughtful consideration. Where most dealerships are quick to pressure you into a sale, the DePaula Chevrolet team lets you set the pace, giving you control over the process and a front-row seat to our transparency and integrity. With DePaula Chevrolet, what you see is always what you get. Whether you’re working with our sales team or our factory-trained and certified technicians, excellence is always guaranteed.

People are shown passing keys at a dealership.

Our New Vehicle Advantage and Pre-Owned Promise

Buying a vehicle should be enjoyable and exciting, but that’s rarely the case because dealerships quickly shift the focus to the sale. All too often, sales teams are sidetracked by commissions and quotas, losing sight of what genuinely matters–you. DePaula Chevrolet challenges tradition by doing things differently. We like to call it the “DePaula New Vehicle Advantage” and the “DePaula Pre-Owned Promise.”

DePaula New Vehicle Advantage

  • Online or In-person Sales & Service Process
  • Optional Home Delivery
  • Available Same Day Delivery
  • Free enrollment into GM My Rewards: your personal flex account for purchases, service, parts/accessories, and details.
  • First Oil Change On Us: Scheduled and set on the day of your vehicle’s delivery to ensure you qualify for our Engine 4-Life program[a]
  • Free Annual New York State Inspections
  • Free Engine 4-Life Program (for buyers of qualified models)[a]
  • Free Window Chip Repair

DePaula Pre-Owned Promise

  • Online or In-person Sales & Service Process
  • Optional Home Delivery
  • 139 Point Vehicle Inspection: Completed by our Certified Technicians in our Reconditioning Center to ensure the vehicle meets our standards.
  • Free Internal Vehicle History Record
  • Free Vehicle CarFax History Report (Available Online & In Person)
  • First Oil Change On Us: Scheduled and set on the day of your vehicle’s delivery to ensure you qualify for our Engine 4-Life program[a]
  • Free Annual New York State Inspections
  • First Full Tank of Fuel: At delivery, you will receive a full take of fuel.
  • Free Window Chip Repair
  • 90-day/4000-mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty[a]

We Offer the Best Selection

What does the Chevrolet of your dreams look like? Whether it’s a best-selling truck like the Silverado, a family-friendly SUV like the Tahoe or Suburban, or a legendary speed demon like the Corvette, you’ll find it all at DePaula Chevrolet. We offer one of the best selections of new and used Chevrolets in the region, guaranteeing we have the car, truck, or SUV for every driving, performance, budget, and style need.

We’ve created a shopper’s paradise where dreams come true, whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned model. Our lineup of new Chevrolet vehicles offers the latest from the American automotive pioneer without forcing you to compromise or settle for less. The same is true for our pre-owned selection, with every model earning our seal of approval by passing our 139-point comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process. In addition, we are so confident in our pre-owned models and our high-quality standards that we provide our internal vehicle history record and the CARFAX Vehicle History Report for every model.

Another exceptional perk of shopping the best selection in New York State is knowing you have several opportunities to do so. Of course, we encourage you to visit our dealership and browse our selection in person, but we know that’s not always easy. Our virtual showroom gives you full access to our entire lineup from the comfort of your home, the convenience of your office, or wherever you are.

We Guarantee a Hassle-Free Process

DePaula Chevrolet operates with integrity and transparency, making it easy for customers to get excited about their purchases. The culture we’ve built reflects these values, with our team focused on building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. We’re not here to inundate you with high-pressure tactics or gimmicks; instead, our friendly and laid-back approach instills confidence and makes the entire process enjoyable and exciting.

Our hassle-free process is rooted in transparency, from our pricing to how we operate. The last thing anyone wants is to spend hours negotiating a fair price or the best deal. At DePaula Chevrolet, this isn’t necessary because our models are competitively and transparently priced. You know what you’re paying and everything you’re getting before you sign on the dotted line. This transparency includes access to the detailed CARFAX Vehicle History Report and our internal vehicle history record on every pre-owned model after it’s passed our 139-point comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process.

A person is shown holding paperwork in a showroom.

We Value Your Time and Trust in Us

Our virtual showroom, customer-centric approach, and transparency streamline the car-buying experience. Still, there are several other ways we show our appreciation to you, specifically how much we value your time and trust in us. For example, we offer home and same-day deliveries on qualified models, eliminating the need to wait around at the dealership for your new Chevrolet to be ready for its new home. Instead, you can sign the paperwork, return to your busy schedule, and leave the rest to us.

Once you say “yes” to the perfect car, truck, or SUV, you can rest easy knowing DePaula Chevrolet is always on your side. Our partnership with you extends long after the sale, as we help you get the most out of your vehicle every mile down the road. This partnership includes an array of benefits with your purchase, like complimentary New York State inspections, free window chip repair, access to our Engine 4-Life Program, complimentary oil changes, and our 90-day or 4,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty on eligible used models.

While these benefits are impressive, they mean very little without the talents of our technicians that fulfill that long-term commitment. Our Master Service Technicians are among the best in the industry and are constantly training to expand their abilities and expertise to serve you better. Moreover, they operate with integrity and transparency, value your time, and are committed to making your responsibilities as a Chevrolet owner less stressful and more rewarding. It’s the DePaula Advantage at its finest.

You shouldn’t have to worry about who to trust when it’s time to buy your vehicle. With DePaula Chevrolet, you don’t have to overthink or second-guess your decision. Instead, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with a team that loves what they do and recognizes that its greatest assets are customers like you. That’s the DePaula Advantage, and it’s one we’re proud to offer as we help you navigate your next purchase and protect your investment every day ahead and every mile down the road.

[a] See dealer for more details.