Chevy Cars

Today, there are no fewer than seven different makes of Chevy cars, and these range from subcompacts to supercars. But all of them share Chevrolet’s tradition of building performance into its vehicles. If you are looking for affordable and practical transportation, then the Chevy Spark and Chevy Sonic provide excellent value for your dollar. And with their turbocharged engines, these little Chevy cars actually have a surprising turn of speed. But if you want something with a bit more room and comfort, then a Chevy Malibu or a Chevy Impala might be for you. And while these larger Chevy cars are competent vehicles in their base configurations, they also offer impressive engines in their top trims - a 250-horsepower turbo in the Malibu and a 306-horsepower V6 in the Impala. Finally, the Chevy Bolt is an all-electric vehicle with 200 horsepower and a range of 259 miles on a single charge, making it arguably the best value electric car currently on the market.

However, the real performance Chevy cars are, of course, the Chevy Camaro and Chevy Corvette. These iconic American sports cars offer incredible performance and value and are ready to compete straight from the factory. While their powerful V8 engines have astonishing acceleration, both the Camaro and the Corvette are now available with a variety of cutting-edge advanced performance technologies. These include items such as electronic limited-slip differentials and magnetic ride control, giving Chevy’s performance cars incredible handling. And of course, the new Corvette sports a mid-engine layout for improved weight distribution. But no matter which Chevy car you look at, you are going to get high quality and exceptional performance.

Black 2017 Chevrolet Camaro driving down a paved road next to a body of water and mountains

Chevrolet - A Century of Innovation and Performance

While Chevrolet’s latest designs, such as the 2020 Corvette or the Chevy Bolt, are ground-breaking, the company has been pushing the boundaries of automobile technology for over one hundred years. Indeed, Chevy was founded by the Swiss race car driver Louis Chevrolet, who designed cars for some of the earliest Indianapolis 500 races. The Chevy tradition of innovation and performance began with the very first Chevrolet model, the Classic Six. This car offered 40 horsepower and a 65 mile per hour top speed in the days when a Model T with 20 horsepower and a limit of 40 miles per hour was considered a good car.

Since then, Chevrolet has continued building innovative performance cars for both the street and the track. The original 1953 Corvette introduced its trademark fiberglass body for weight reduction, giving Chevrolet one of the longest-running and best-known sports cars in history. And part of the success of both the Corvette and the Camaro has been Chevy’s unbeatable small-block V8 engines. These powerful and compact engines have been used in all of Chevy’s performance cars, as well as in uncountable other vehicles - both from the factory and as aftermarket upgrades.

However, Chevy’s innovation has not only been directed at racing but also at pioneering new types of cars. The first electric Chevy cars date all the way back to the 1960s and the “Electrovair” - a prototype battery-powered version of the Chevy Corvair. This was followed in the next decade by the similarly-named “Electrovette,” which was based on the Chevy Chevette. By 1997, Chevrolet had a working electric vehicle and released the Chevy S-10 EV pickup for fleet use. After the release of the Toyota Prius, Chevrolet produced one of the first plug-in hybrids available with the popular 2010 Chevy Spark. However, while the Spark was followed by a Chevy Malibu hybrid, pure electric vehicles remained the goal. In 2015 the Chevy Spark EV became the company’s first consumer electric vehicle, and in 2017 the far more capable Chevy Bolt finally fulfilled the promise of a practical electric vehicle that Chevrolet had made fifty years before.


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Here at DePaula Chevrolet, we have been selling Chevy cars since 1985. We have hundreds of new and used models to choose from and thousands of satisfied customers from the Albany area and beyond. Whether you are in the market for an Impala or a Corvette, a Camaro, or a Bolt, we have you covered. And if you are unsure just what you are looking for, then our friendly and knowledgeable sales team is here to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget. So drop by our Albany NY dealership and take a look at the full lineup of Chevy cars.

We understand that shopping for a new vehicle is a significant decision for any buyer and seek to make the process as hassle-free and straightforward as possible. Our website pricing is designed to be transparent, allowing you to understand precisely what deals and rebates you qualify for without having to jump through hoops or read paragraphs of fine print. We have also partnered with the Kelly Blue Book so that you can estimate the trade-in value of your old vehicle online before you visit us. Here at DePaula Chevrolet, we always strive to put the customer first and help you find the Chevy car that is right for you. From our website to our sales team, to our service department, we are here to get you back on the road in a car you love as soon as possible because we know that a business is only as strong as its customers.

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Chevy Corvette - The American Supercar


Of all the Chevy cars, the Chevy Corvette is the most striking. Providing performance on par with that of far more expensive European models, the Corvette is both a thrilling and an obtainable car. For the 2020 model year, Chevrolet made the Corvette even more exciting by introducing an all-new mid-engine design. While all previous Corvette generations had used a traditional front-engine layout, the new eighth-generation places the engine behind the driver. Not only does this improve the balance of the vehicle and give the rear tires better grip for superior acceleration, it also results in a car that can compete with the European exotics in looks as well as performance.

While Chevy has teased the high-performance versions, the only eighth-generation Corvette currently available is the Stingray model, which starts at $58,900. But with 495 horsepower, a 2.9-second 0 to 60 time, and a top speed of almost 200 miles per hour, the base model is anything but boring.

However, the seventh-generation Corvette has not been entirely phased out yet, giving you four more distinct flavors of performance to choose from. Starting at $55,900 is the Corvette Stingray. Although a seventh-generation vehicle, the Stingray’s 6.2L V8 engine with 460 horsepower will still propel it to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds. With available performance technologies such as magnetic ride control and an electronic limited-slip differential, it is as comfortable in the curves as on the straightaways. As with all versions of the Corvette, the Stingray is offered as either a coupe or as a convertible with a power-retractable hardtop.

If you want something sportier with the engine in front, then the $65,900 Grand Sport model deserves your attention. This version of the top Chevy car shares the same engine and interior as the Stingray but has a wider body with improved aero and weight reduction. The Grand Sport also makes the optional performance upgrades available on the Stingray standard equipment, resulting in an overall higher-performance car.

Finally, there are the two supercharged Corvette versions––the Z06 and ZR1. Starting at $80,900, the Z06 shares the body of the Grand Sport, but with 650 horsepower under the hood, it can hit 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. Still not good enough? Then the $123,000 ZR1 ups the game with 755 horsepower and a 2.85-second 0 to 60 time. And to keep you on the road at those speeds, it also offers a large splitter and wing that provide over half a ton of downforce as well as 15.5” ceramic brake rotors with six-piston Brembo calipers to stop you on a dime.

Chevy Camaro - All American Muscle


If you are looking for a pure American muscle car, then the Chevy Camaro is hard to beat. From its looks alone, you know that it means business, and it has more than enough power under the hood to back those looks up. While the Camaro may not have the supercar feel of its big brother the Corvette, out of all the Chevy cars, the Camaro is the most versatile and is equally at home as a fun daily driver or as a serious racing machine. With two doors and four seats, it is sportier than any sedan while still having enough space to fit your friends and family should the need arise. And with the available power-retractable soft top, the Camaro makes a great summer car.

The most important choice when shopping for a Chevy Camaro is which of the four-engine options to choose. The base engine is a 2.0L turbo that produces 275 horsepower. While somewhat tame compared to the other options, this is still enough to push the car to 60 miles per hour in just 5.4 seconds. And with its 31 miles per gallon highway fuel consumption, the 2.0L is a solid choice for a daily driver. Stepping up from the 2.0L is a 3.6L V6. This cuts the 0 to 60 time down to 5.2 seconds and gives you the classic V6 sound at the cost of some fuel economy. But the Camaro really comes alive with its 6.2L V8. With 455 horsepower, this engine transforms Chevy’s muscle car into a real performer that can hit 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds flat. While it may not be as practical as the 2.0L or the V6, the V8 creates the real Camaro experience. But there is one more engine option to choose from. This is the 650-horsepower supercharged V8 found on the Camaro ZL1. When equipped with this monstrous motor, the Camaro actually has better acceleration than a Corvette Stingray––just 3.5 seconds from 0 to 60.

However, the Camaro is not just a pure performance machine, and with the right trim and options, it is also an extremely comfortable ride. If you are looking for more luxury, than aim for the 3LT or 2SS trims. The former comes with the 2.0L or V6 engines, while the latter has the V8. But both of them include numerous features such as an upgraded infotainment system with an 8” touchscreen and Bose speakers, a heated steering wheel, a HUD, and the full range of advanced driver’s aids from forward collision alert to rear park assist. On the other hand, if you value performance over comfort, then a 1LT or 1SS trim with the optional Performance Package may be the right Camaro for you. But no matter which version of the Camaro you settle on, you will be rewarded with one of the best Chevy cars ever built.

Chevy Bolt - The Hidden Gem of Electric Vehicles


You may not know it, but Chevrolet offers one of the best electric vehicles currently on the market. With a longer range and lower price than a base model Tesla, plus more cargo space and higher ground clearance than some SUVs, the Chevy Bolt is perhaps the most underappreciated of all the Chevy cars. Able to travel 259 miles without stopping and recharge its battery in around an hour and a half, the Chevy Bolt is among the handful of currently-available electric vehicles that can genuinely be your only car. And with a starting price of just $36,620 before the numerous government rebates are taken into account, the Chevy Bolt is the lowest-priced electric vehicle on the market with over 200 miles of range.

But not only is the Chevy Bolt one of the best electric vehicles; it is a good vehicle even compared to gasoline cars. With 200 horsepower and a high-torque electric motor, the Chevy Bolt offers better performance than most of the gasoline-powered Chevy cars and SUVs. And the extremely practical hatchback design with 60/40 folding rear seats gives the Chevy Bolt an impressive 56.6 cubic feet of cargo space––more than is found in many subcompact SUVs. The features and technologies available in the Chevy Bolt are also more than acceptable and include a large 10.2” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bose speakers, a remote start system, a heated steering wheel, and enough advanced safety features to be named an IIHS Top Safety Pick.

So if you are looking at Chevy cars, think outside the box and consider joining the future with a Chevy Bolt. Not only will buying gasoline and having oil changes become a thing of the past, but you will be getting a genuinely capable and highly practical vehicle that can outperform most of the cars on the road.

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