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The idyllic village of Catskill provides modern-day amenities set against beautiful backdrops that beg for a great vehicle to be taken out for a Sunday cruise or a weekend trip to Cooper Lake. And what better way for residents to enjoy the sights and atmosphere of Catskill than to do so in a comfortable Chevy vehicle? That's where DePaula Chevrolet comes into the picture, as we're a Chevy dealer near Catskill that offers you some of the best selection of vehicles from the popular brand that range from daily drivers and off-road models to full-size crossovers and utility-focused trims.

Whether you're looking for something for a newly-licensed teen, a gift for a new driver, or something for the family, we have a wide range of model years and trims spanning Chevy's beloved lineup of nameplates. We're the go-to destination for many Catskill, New York residents, thanks to our award-winning service and heavy focus on providing excellent cars, trucks, and SUVs to browse through, as well as lots of accompanying support for maintenance, parts, accessories, and financing. For the ultimate on-road Catskill experience, you need a great Chevy vehicle, and we here at DePaula Chevrolet invite you to take the short drive up north to experience our extensive selection of Chevy vehicles for yourself.

A red 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss is shown driving on a dirt road after leaving a Chevy dealer near Catskill.

We Carry an Extensive Selection of New and Used Chevy Models

Whatever your budget and driving preferences are, we have a Chevy vehicle to fit the bill. Whether you're looking for a specific generation of a popular model, or a specific trim of a recognized nameplate, we carry all sorts of Chevy vehicles, both new and used. That means you can find the latest model year outings from the popular automaker, just as well as an amazing selection of used Chevy vehicles.

From the Chevy Colorado to the Chevy Trax and everything in between, you can find a healthy selection of different models and trims. We carry sedans and compact crossovers such as the Malibu and Equinox, as well as full-size and large vehicles such as the Traverse and the heavy-duty series of the Silverado. We carry midsize vehicles like the Chevy Blazer and subcompacts like the Trailblazer. You can even scout through our alternative fuel options, such as the Chevy Bolt EV and Bolt EUV.

Whether you're looking for something brand new off the assembly line with all of the latest features and the newest technologies or for something more affordable and easy to drive when it comes to used vehicles, there is a wide selection of amazing vehicles available on our lot. Whether you're looking for something from the new lineup or a pre-owned option from some of the most recent model years, DePaula Chevrolet has the extensive inventory you're looking for.

A blue 2023 Chevy Equinox is shown driving on a mountain highway.

Check Out These Family Friendly Chevy Vehicles

Some of the most popular vehicles on the road today are designed to accommodate big and small families. Many people looking for family vehicles want something very safe and comfortable, easy to handle on the road, and enough amenities to keep occupants occupied during travel. In that regard, Chevy has several vehicles that are perfectly aligned for families, offering spacious cabins and a host of features to ensure all on board travel comfortably.

At the top of the must-have vehicles for families is the Chevy Equinox. The Equinox has won multiple awards and is also one of the best-selling vehicles in America thanks to being a comfortable and compact SUV. The vehicle seats up to five people across two rows and has many amenities and enough room to make for a great daily driver. If you need something a bit larger than the Equinox, the Chevy Blazer offers more room and interior capacity compared to the Equinox while also featuring a more stylish exterior and off-road capabilities, making it great for not only daily travel but also as a great vehicle for social events and vacations.

For large families or vehicles great for events or outdoor trips, the Chevy Traverse and Suburban are excellent three-row options from Chevy. Perfect for seating up to eight people in the Traverse and nine in the Suburban, both SUVs allow lots of interior space and capacity for daily travel, trips, or recreation. There is practically a vehicle for every type of family when you look at Chevy's crossover and SUV offerings.

Great Chevy Options for Your New Teen Driver

As your teen prepares to take on many of life's challenges, it's sometimes best to get them to practice in the family vehicle before venturing out on their own. Catskill offers a great opportunity to enjoy a more relaxed traveling experience than some other areas of New York, and having a small and nimble vehicle for the village roadways is a great way to help get your teen acclimated to the more intense driving experiences in broader New York. For that very reason, the Chevy Trax is the perfect solution. It's a lightweight, low-maintenance vehicle with great fuel economy. Whether it's a teen just learning how to drive or prepping to make a trip to college, the Trax makes for a great choice.

Alternatively, the Chevy Trailblazer makes for another worthwhile entry-level vehicle for teen drivers, as well as a great starter family SUV. The subcompact makes for a great daily driver, as well as a vehicle that's large enough to offer you room for books, gear, sports equipment, and school items but also offers room for your teen to drive the vehicle with their friends or younger siblings riding in the back. The added safety features such as Teen Driver and the added safety assists make the Trailblazer a significant pick for teen drivers.

Perhaps you want to get your teen a reliable vehicle that is more compact in size and will keep fuel costs low; no problem, Chevy has you covered. The Bolt EV is a great fuel-efficient hatchback that provides a perfect subcompact design that's made for navigating busy downtown streets and squeezing into tight parking spaces. On top of that, it offers exceptional fuel economy, so your teen will make fewer stops at the pump, keeping more of their part-time job money in their wallet. Choosing a pre-owned model from our used inventory will add even more value to their daily drive to school and work.

A silver 2020 Chevy Trax is shown from the rear driving on city street.

Check Out Our Selection of Used Vehicles

At DePaula Chevrolet, we have an exceptional variety of used vehicles in our stock. We have a great selection of different model years for some of the most popular and dependable vehicles available from the Chevy brand. If you're in the market for something affordable and stylish, dependable and comfortable, or practical and rugged, we have a wide selection of different vehicles to fit your needs.

From sedans and crossovers to trucks and SUVs, you'll find a healthy amount of vehicles to choose from on our lot. Maybe you're looking for a quality town car? The Chevy Malibu makes for a great used sedan. The Colorado and Silverado offer a great combination of performance and capability. Maybe you're looking for a second or third vehicle to help spread out the driving responsibilities or needs of the family. Browse our selection of great pre-owned options like the Trax, Bolt, or Spark.

Our varied and expansive selection of vehicles makes for a perfect opportunity to search for the kind of used vehicle that appeals to you, your family, and your budget. You can make use of the easy-slider tool on our website to choose from used vehicles between a set price range or browse through our selection of vehicles under $25k. Filter your choices based on model, trim, fuel type, features, drivetrain, and more. When it comes to used vehicles, our diverse inventory will be sure to have something to meet your unique needs.


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