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Trying to find the best used car dealer in Albany is a common problem for many drivers in the area. A wide range of dealerships to choose from and a selection of various marketplaces only seem to exacerbate the problem. However, if you’re looking for the best selection around, coupled with an unforgettable shopping experience, then look no further than DePaula Chevrolet. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to learn about and experience the full capabilities of their desired vehicle. This commitment to service is only complemented further by our fine selection of used vehicles, and this has granted us a reputation of quality amongst our competitors.

At our dealership, we carry all of the fan-favorite Chevy models in both new, and of course, pre-owned condition. Sometimes certain misconceptions surround pre-owned vehicles, lending a misinformed stigma about the general performance and value that a pre-owned vehicle will offer you. We’re here to tell you about all of the benefits associated with purchasing a pre-owned vehicle so that you’ll have a better understanding of how affordable prices do not detract from a vehicle’s capabilities. In practice, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from a reputable dealership is the very best way to acquire an exceptional vehicle at an excellent price.

A black 2016 Chevy Colorado is parked on a dirt trail after leaving a used car dealer in Albany.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Purchasing a used vehicle comes with a multitude of different benefits. These range from advantages in the shopping process itself, down to the actual performance of the vehicle in mention. The first benefit of any pre-owned vehicle is the price. However, if you compare two vehicles of the same model but different model years against each other, you may find an incredibly similar performance profile, with the main factor that separates the two being price.

Taking a real-world example into consideration, a 2016 Chevy Colorado offers the same three powertrain configurations as its brand-new 2021 counterpart. If you choose either the base 2.5L four-cylinder or the optional 2.7L Duramax turbo-diesel engine, then you will get the same exact power and torque output in the 2016 and the 2021 model. If you chose the available V6 engine, then you will have less performance in the older truck - a grand total of three less horsepower and six fewer pound-feet of torque. We doubt that anyone will be dissatisfied with having 305 hp at their command rather than 308 hp, especially at the substantially lower price of a used 2016 Colorado.

Another massive benefit for pre-owned vehicles is a much less aggressive depreciation rate than a brand-new vehicle. Depreciation is when the value of a product, such as a vehicle, falls after its initial purchase. According to CARFAX, depreciation is the most prominent within the first year after the vehicle was manufactured, with a new vehicle losing roughly 20% of its overall value within that year. This means that if you were to purchase a brand new vehicle for $30,000, then it’ll be worth approximately $24,000. By buying a used vehicle, even one that is only a year old, you avoid that initial depreciation and get a lot more of your investment back when it comes time to trade in your truck for a newer model.

A red 2019 Chevy Blazer RS is driving on a city street.

CPO Vehicles

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are a massive advantage when shopping for a used automobile. This is because CPO vehicles are unlike any other pre-owned vehicle you’ve ever purchased, and in a good way. Unlike traditional used vehicles, CPO models have been carefully chosen after an in-depth selection process that ensures only the highest-quality vehicles are sold under the CPO label. This is primarily done through a rigorous inspection process that leaves no stones unturned to guarantee the vehicle is working in the best possible condition that it can be upon your sale.

To make the idea of CPO vehicles even more intriguing is the inclusion of warranties granted by Chevy. These warranties are unlike any you can get with a traditional pre-owned vehicle as a CPO Chevy vehicle will give you such as a limited powertrain warranty, for example. This warranty is valid for up to six years after your purchase date, as long as you’ve traveled fewer than 100,000 miles, and it comes with Roadside Assistance as well. In addition to this, you’ll also receive a Bumper-To-Bumper Limited Warranty for an entire year, or until 12,000 miles traveled. To keep your vehicle in its best shape, your CPO vehicle will also come with a Scheduled Maintenance Program, allowing you to bring your vehicle in for free scheduled maintenance for up to two years after purchase, or up to 24,000 miles traveled.

A red 2018 Chevy Bolt EV with a kayak on the roof is driving past a river.

Where to Start with Your Used Car Search

Buying a used car, truck, or SUV is a great way to save a lot of money if you choose wisely. Good thing for you there are ways to ensure that the used car you buy is high-quality and dependable. Buying a new car means you get a warranty that will take care of any problems that might occur. When buying a used car, you might not have that luxury. Buying a used car does not have to be a huge hassle, not when you know what you are doing. So before you head over to your used car dealer in Albany, take a look at these used car buying tips.

Too many people skip this first step and wind up making mistakes. The first step in your search for a used car is to set a budget. Unless you have a small fortune sitting in your bank account, you will probably have to finance your new ride, which means you need to know what you can afford and, more importantly, how much you can afford in monthly payments. Without a budget, you might wind up buying a used car you cannot afford.

Once you have determined your budget, you need to discover the best type of vehicle that is right for you. The easiest way to do this is to identify your lifestyle needs and considerations. You must then ask yourself what features and benefits fit best with your lifestyle. For example, if you love to go camping and do other outdoor activities, you should probably pass on a sedan and get a truck or an SUV. On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to just get back and forth from work, a compact car might be the way to go.

Once you have decided on a budget and the type of vehicle you desire, it's time to head to the dealer to take a test drive. In a perfect world, the first vehicle you drive will turn out to be an ideal choice. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, so you should test drive a few models to make a more knowledgeable decision. Remember that buying a used car is still a considerable investment, and you should take your time and get the right car for you.

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One criterion most people look for when they are searching for a used car is reliability. So there will be multiple searches on the most reliable auto brand. That's fine, but we can tell you that over the years, auto manufacturers have been much better at designing and creating reliable vehicles. This is great for those who are looking for a used vehicle that will give them years of dependable service.

That said, most of you probably already have a favorite brand of car. If this is the case, then you will probably lean towards your favorite, whether that is a Chevy, Toyota, or Ford. Say you are a huge fan of Chevrolet, and you are dead set on getting a Chevy model. That's great, but now you have to choose the model that you want, and that might be a bit more difficult.

Let's say you are in the market for a used Chevy car; there are some excellent choices out there. Say you are leaning towards the Chevy Malibu; now, you need to learn more about that model to see if it is the right fit. You can start by doing a little research to discover just how reliable the Chevy Malibu is. This isn't a difficult task since the Malibu has been around for a while; there will be plenty of information to obtain. The same holds true for models like the Ford Explorer or the Toyota Camry. Spending just a little time doing some research on the model of your choice will help narrow down which is right for you.

Body Styles

Now, before you go out and buy a used Chevy, Toyota, or Ford, there are other considerations. For example, a car just might not have the room you need, which is very important. While there are compact SUVs on the market that are quite small, there are also midsize SUVs and full-size SUVs with plenty of room for passengers and storage. There are even plenty of used SUVs with a third row of seating, which might be perfect for you.

While SUVs offer a lot of storage capacity and are able to tow, nothing beats a pickup truck when it comes to payload and towing capacities. The beauty of the modern truck is that it can seat several passengers in comfort, offers the luxuries that you get with top-end sedans, and can still haul a huge boat to the lake. Again, it would be best if you thought about what you will be using your used vehicle for before making a choice. A midsize truck will make a great commuter vehicle, while a heavy-duty truck can handle the heaviest trailers.

What Features to Look For

Whether you are leaning towards a car, truck, or SUV, you still need to decide which features fit your needs best. Vehicles have changed dramatically in recent years, and they are now equipped with any number of safety, convenience, and tech features. So which features are right for you? That is something you need to discover.

Safety is always a big concern for drivers; we would all like to arrive safely at our destination. As such, you might demand a vehicle with several popular safety features, including blind-spot warning, pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warning. It isn't a difficult task finding the car of your choice with the safety features you want; just ask the sales rep for help.

If comfort and convenience are important to you, there are several features that will have you driving in luxury. Top-level trims that offer these features are easy to find in the used car market, and they are a bargain compared to new models. A few features that might interest you include leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and remote start. There are too many to mention here, so it is best that you do your homework.

You don't have to understand technology to enjoy what it has to offer in a used vehicle. All you need to know is that your used vehicle should be equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. You may also be interested in a navigation system, so you never have to worry about finding your destination. Before you go out and buy a used car, figure out which tech features are important to you.


Vehicles are commonly traded in to get some extra cash to put towards your next vehicle. Trading a vehicle is what keeps the pre-owned market alive as it always ensures a constant flow of vehicles for future customers to purchase, meaning there’s plenty of reasons to trade in yours. At DePaula Chevrolet, we offer a competitive trade-in program for our customers. Whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle or a used one, trading in your current vehicle bestows many advantages to aspiring shoppers. This means you’ll not only find the perfect vehicle at a competitive price when shopping at our dealership, but trading in your old one will guarantee some financial relief on your next purchase. Receiving your trade value estimate is a simple process and can be done either in-person or on our online website through our “Value Your Trade” tool.

For those looking to utilize this service and for those who don’t have a vehicle to trade-in, we offer our on-site finance center. At our finance center, we can show you how to apply for different financing options, and we also offer tips for maintaining an excellent credit score on our online website. Applying for financing deals with us is simple and straightforward. If you’re interested in applying for financing, you may either visit our on-site location or apply directly through our online website.

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Why Choose DePaula Chevrolet?

Whether you are from Albany or a nearby area, DePaula Chevrolet is the destination for your next used car, truck, or SUV. Why? There are several reasons to shop for a used vehicle with us. Let's start with the way you will be treated. Our goal isn't to sell you a vehicle; our goal is to forge a relationship that will last for a very long time. In order to achieve this goal, we must offer the best customer service. We don't just treat you like a customer or a friend at DePaula Chevrolet; we treat you like family.

No matter what your needs are, we want to help find the solution. Of course, it helps when you have choices, which is why we maintain an impressive inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We also promise a hassle-free and pleasant car-buying process that will have you questioning the way you used to think about dealerships. So stop by DePaula Chevrolet today and let us help you get behind the wheel of the used car of your dreams.


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