Used Trucks for Sale in Albany

Albany drivers looking for a terrific selection of used pickup trucks, visit us at DePaula Chevrolet. We carry an extensive selection of pre-owned pickup trucks. We not only carry all of the top names in trucks, like Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, GMC, and Toyota — we also carry a great variety of generations. Drivers who want to explore a massive range of options with all sorts of capabilities, engine types, transmissions, bed sizes, cab sizes, and more should pay us a visit. We are the place to go if you’re looking for used trucks for sale in Albany. We are ready to provide Albany's hardworking and adventurous residents with pickup trucks that will power their goals, day-to-day life, and fun.

It’s important that drivers consider us the go-to dealership for great deals on some of the most popular used pickups. We’ll work tirelessly with you until we find you the exact used pickup that meets all of your needs. Our sales team consists of experts on all of the greatest used pickups. Tell them exactly what it is that you want to be able to do with your truck — like tow, haul, go off-roading, or tackle family life — and they’ll know which models to show you. We have a welcoming atmosphere with a professional and friendly sales team who look forward to working with you. Visit us and get behind the wheel of a great truck for your travels around Albany and beyond.

A black 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country is shown towing a trailer after visiting used trucks for sale in Albany.

We Offer Pre-Owned Models of the Popular Silverado and Colorado

Chevrolet has made a name for itself in the truck world. The Silverado is known for its incredible configurability. From tons of bed and cab configurations, several powerful engines to choose from, lots of unique trims, and useful accessories you can add, the Silverado is really a truck that can work for drivers of every driving style and need. It also has won safety awards so you can feel confident behind the wheel of this terrific pickup. If you’re looking for a pickup truck good for towing and hauling on work sites or loading up the bed after trips to the Albany Walmart Supercenter, check out the Silverado 1500.

We also carry the heavy-duty line of Silverado trucks. These powerful workhorses boast the Silverado’s beefiest engines that are enhanced with incredible towing and hauling abilities. Those planning a trip to Lake Placid and want something that can tow their big boat can check out a Silverado HD. The Silverado HD line of trucks is made for construction workers, agricultural workers, and those with similar serious power needs.

Drivers looking for a compact truck with easy-to-drive dimensions and solid fuel economy can check out a pre-owned Colorado. We have several generations and trims of this nimble-handling pickup. It’s perfect for road trips to the Big Apple because its compact dimensions make it easy to park on busy city streets, and its solid fuel economy means it won’t guzzle too much gas along the way. The Colorado also offers solid towing and hauling capabilities, and some model years come in off-road variants. Come check out a used Silverado or Colorado with us today. These are both terrific options for different types of drivers.

A white 2023 Ford Ranger is shown driving off-road.

We Carry Other Excellent Used Trucks Like the Ram 1500, Ford F-150, and More

We don’t only carry great used Chevy pickups. We also carry all of the other brands you love and trust when it comes to excellent trucks. We carry the popular Ford F-150, which is powerful and built to last. The F-150 also comes in an array of trims for different driver’s needs and has several diverse powertrain options, so those looking for maximum power, better fuel economy, or a mix of both can find what they’re looking for. We also carry the Ford Super Duty trucks for outstanding power.

The Ram 1500 is another popular pickup with impressive capabilities. This full-size pickup has massive engine options, and some model years have attractive appearance packages. If you’re interested in a GMC truck, we have them. GMC trucks are known for combining impressive capabilities with comfortable interiors and stylish exteriors. They’re ideal for someone seeking a work-ready truck that’s attractive enough for life in the city.

We are always working to bring in the trucks we know Albany drivers love. Like you, we call this corner of New York "home" and know precisely which trucks will best fit Albany drivers looking for a reliable pickup. You will be amazed at how many manufacturers, generations, and trims we carry. Check out our used inventory online and filter for the features you want the most, then pay us a visit, and we’ll take you for a test drive.

We Can Help You Finance Your Truck

Don’t hesitate to visit us because you have sub-par credit or are working with a small down payment. Our expert finance team will find you the lease or loan package that fits your financial goals. Our finance team has found financing for buyers with budgets of all shapes and sizes. Tell them what you’re looking to pay monthly, and they will work with you to find you a package that fits your needs.

Our financial experts will work the numbers with you, adjusting loan terms, down payment, and other factors to help you get on a payment plan you feel good about. We also like to encourage our customers to check out our easy trade-in process. You could use the value of your old vehicle to help pay for your next one. We want to ensure that Albany drivers needing a great truck can get one, regardless of their financial needs. Our dedicated team will take their time learning your budget and showing you several finance options.

A black 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD is shown towing a trailer.

We Also Have a Dedicated Service and Parts Department

Trucks require special attention, and that’s what our service and parts department is ready to provide. We have expertly trained technicians in our service and parts department. They know the specific maintenance schedules of most used trucks, depending on mileage, transmission type, and more. They will take excellent care of your pickup so you can continue to enjoy its excellent performance.

If your truck needs a new part, our team will help you identify the ideal one. We know what it takes to make your truck run smoothly. Our service experts are ready to answer all of your questions about routine maintenance, repairs, and more. We make it easy to make an appointment and work with your budget to help you afford proper maintenance of your truck. We know you rely on your truck, so we want to help you maintain it for many years and miles to come.


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