2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Jeep Cherokee

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  • 2021 Chevy Blazer

    A black 2021 Chevy Blazer 2LT is angled left.

    Starting at


    2021 Jeep Cherokee

    A blue 2021 Jeep Cherokee Altitude is angled right.

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    193 - 271Horsepower (hp)180 - 271
    64.2Max Interior Cargo (cu.ft.)54.7
    4,500Max Towing (lbs)4,500

    One of the things that we love about the modern auto industry is just how well manufacturers have created lineups that offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a great SUV with plenty of room inside, but you do not want something that is really going to fill your garage, then a midsize option can be a terrific choice. The hunt for the perfect midsize SUV is not always easy, however, so let us take a look at two of the most popular models out there: the 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Jeep Cherokee.

    Both the Blazer and the Cherokee are good midsize SUVs, and while the Cherokee certainly has a lot to offer for going off-road, it otherwise largely fails to keep up with what the Chevy Blazer delivers. For example, the starting engine for the Blazer gives you more power than the standard engine in the Cherokee, and the available Chevy engines remain better than anything you can get in the Jeep model. Similarly, the Chevy Blazer offers superior towing capacity than the Jeep Cherokee; while towing might not be your primary concern with a midsize SUV, it means the Blazer is a better option for a lot of drivers.

    Inside the Chevy Blazer, you will also find more cargo space than the Jeep Cherokee offers and a wide range of features that are more impressive. For example, the standard Blazer comes with an 8-inch touchscreen, active noise cancellation, and a 4-inch color digital driver display. By comparison, the Jeep Cherokee features a 7-inch touchscreen and a 3-inch instrument cluster display for the driver. Come visit us at DePaula Chevrolet today to find out more and see the impressive features of the 2021 Chevy Blazer for yourself.

  • Performance

    A red 2021 Chevy Blazer RS is shown from the side parked at a cemetery after winning the 2021 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Jeep Cherokee comparison.

    When looking at something like a sports car or work truck, everyone carefully considers the engine and goes for great performance. With a midsize SUV, however, people can easily overlook the engine, yet the engine is still very important and has a tremendous impact on your overall driving experience. While the Jeep Cherokee has some good engine options, the Chevy Blazer simply gives you more power and better performance.

    Blazer Engines

    The standard engine on the 2021 Chevy Blazer is a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that gives you 193 hp and 188 lb-ft of torque. If you want better performance, then there is an available 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder that offers up 227 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Surprisingly, this more powerful option is also the most efficient choice and gets 25 MPG combined. Finally, you can get a 3.6L V6 engine that delivers 308 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque for great overall performance. All three engines come with a 9-speed automatic transmission, which gives you a smooth driving experience that you will really enjoy.

    Cherokee Engines

    There are also three engines available for the 2021 Jeep Cherokee, following the same pattern of a 4-cylinder, a turbo, and a V6. But they cannot match the performance of what the Chevy has to offer. The standard engine for the Cherokee is a 2.4L Tigershark I-4 engine that offers 180 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque, which you can see is less powerful than the Blazer’s starting engine. Then there is an available 3.2L Pentastar V6 that provides 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque, as well as an available 2.0L Turbo I-4 engine that offers up 270 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. With this turbo engine, the Cherokee gets a bit more torque than the Blazer, but quite a bit less horsepower.

  • Cargo & Interior

    A close up shows the vent and shifter in a 2021 Chevy Blazer RS.

    Towing might not be the most important thing to you when looking for your next midsize SUV, but it can be a helpful option. If you might need to hook up a trailer in the future, or you are considering getting a boat or small camper for enjoying outdoors, then you need a good amount of towing power. When properly equipped, both the 2021 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Jeep Cherokee can give you up to 4,500 lbs of maximum towing capacity. However, the Blazer offers this max towing with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, while the Cherokee can only manage it with all-wheel drive.

    Blazer Cargo Space

    However, perhaps even more important is the kind of interior cargo space you get with your midsize SUV since this impacts how much stuff you can load into it. Half the point of owning an SUV is the ability to pack it full of everything you need to take with you and hit the road. The Chevy Blazer gives you more than 30 cu.ft. of cargo volume behind the rear seats, with more than 64 cu.ft. of total cargo volume behind the front seats. That gives you a tremendous amount of space for your stuff, even if you have up to five passengers inside the vehicle.

    Cherokee Cargo Space

    The Jeep Cherokee is pretty spacious, but it fails to offer you as much interior room as you really need in this type of SUV. Inside the Cherokee, there is less than 26 cu.ft. of rear cargo space behind the back seats, with less than 55 cu.ft. of total cargo volume available. That might not seem like a huge difference compared to the Chevy Blazer, but remember that this is three-dimensional space. Even a single cubic foot is fairly large, and a difference of nearly 10 cu.ft. can be significant if you need to load up your vehicle with a lot of stuff.

    Chevy Interior

    While both of these SUVs have a lot to offer, the Chevy Blazer simply gives you better standard features inside. For example, the starting trim of the Blazer comes with an 8-inch touchscreen, 6-speaker audio, active noise cancellation, and premium cloth seating. You also get numerous USB ports inside, a 4-inch color driver information center, keyless open and start, cruise control, and dual-zone automatic climate control - all standard. At the highest trim level, the Blazer comes with navigation, a Bose premium audio system, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and an 8-inch driver information center.

    Jeep Interior

    By comparison, the standard features of the Jeep Cherokee include a 7-inch touchscreen display with a standard sound system and cloth seating. The Cherokee has four USB ports, a 3-inch driver cluster display, and keyless Enter ‘n Go. Standard air conditioning comes with the starting trim of the Cherokee, with dual-zone automatic climate control being available only on higher trims. If you look at the highest trim, then it includes an 8.4-inch infotainment display but only has a 7-inch driver display. Heated front seats are standard on the top trim Cherokee, but ventilated front seats and heated rear seats are only available as options.

  • Safety Features

    The interior is shown in a 2021 Chevy Blazer RS with a person driving with their seatbelt on.

    One of the most important things with any vehicle is how well it can help protect you and keep you safe on the road. To get a complete view of what is available, the highest trim of the 2021 Chevy Blazer gives you StabiliTrak electronic stability and traction control, LED daytime running lamps, and a comprehensive airbag system. You also get front pedestrian braking, rear park assist, a lane change alert with side blind zone alert, and a following distance indicator with this trim. Other features like a lane keep assist system with a lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking, and a Teen Driver system also come standard on the highest trim.

    Jeep Safety Features

    Safety features for the highest trim of the Jeep Cherokee include numerous airbags, a rear park assist system, and blind spot monitoring. This trim also features rear cross path detection, forward collision warning with active braking, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, and auto high-beam headlamps. It lacks the front pedestrian braking and following distance indicator of the Chevy Blazer, and there is no Teen Driver safety system available on the Jeep Cherokee. So if you have a young driver at home who needs to have safe driving habits reinforced, then the Blazer is a far better option.


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