Chevy Calms Parental Concerns

August 26th, 2016 by


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For those of you parents located in and around Albany, NY, your Chevy dealer is, without a doubt, the place to purchase a reliable vehicle for your teenaged driver.

According to a recent survey, parents of teenagers worry more about their teen’s habits behind the wheel than any other habit, including drinking, smoking, and other adult-type activity. If you’re one of those parents who fall into this category, Chevy is the brand for you. Or, more specifically, for your teenaged driver.

Why? What makes the bow-tied brand the best option for newbies behind the wheel? Simply put – it’s a commitment to safety that has translated into tangible technology and, perhaps more importantly, real-time results. Breathe a sigh of relief while reading through the latest ways Chevy is inspiring safe driving habits and protecting teenagers – not to mention the rest of us – on the road.


The Situation – A Summertime Saturation of New Drivers


Chevy Teen Drivers


To be more precise, an estimated minimum of 360,000 teenagers who will be able to earn their licenses – with restrictions, of course – throughout the country this month alone. Why so many this month in particular? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, August was the number one birth month in 2000. A total of 360,080 births were recorded. So, we are now looking at a record month for teenage driving. For some, if not most, parents – this is on par with an automotive-inspired apocalypse. The very idea of these teens driving on solo missions has 55% of parents of children aged 13-17 who participated in the Harris Poll, taken June 16-23, worried about this more than anything else.

Next up, according to 53% of those polled is academic performance, followed by drugs and alcohol (52%), sexual activity (49%), and social issues, like bullying (41%). While these numbers are close in range, there’s no denying that teenaged drivers take the top spot. Steve Majoros, Director of Marketing for Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers, understands all too well. “I, like many of our employees, am a parent of teenagers, so we personally understand the anxiety of having a teen driver in the house.”

But, what can be done?

According to Majoros, plenty. “While we can’t control a teen’s behavior when they are in a car without a parent, Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology can remind them to buckle up and avoid speeding, while our other available active safety features can help to alert them in certain situations when they’re making less-than-perfect driving decisions.”

Sounds great. Perhaps even too good to be true. How does it work?


Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology


Chevy Teen Vehicle Overspeed


A whole host of active and safety features comprise the Teen Driver Technology system, a non-subscription feature, which is activated after a parent registers a teen’s key fob via the vehicle’s system settings. Which Chevy vehicle? Teen Driver Technology is available in ten of Chevy’s 2017 cars, SUVs, and trucks, including the 2017 Bolt EV, Camaro, Colorado, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado, Silverado HD, Suburban, Tahoe, and Volt.

In other words, picking out the perfect, safest car for your high-schooler or college-bound student is full of options, sure to satisfy their desire to make a statement, while maintaining safety you can both count on. Granted, you might not share their affinity for the Camaro (for them, that is), but certainly a Malibu, Cruze, or Tahoe, really any of the other alternatives are ideal. Whichever you pick, expect the assurance of the first-ever in-vehicle report card, which will let you know just how well your teen did behind the wheel.

Any issues or careless habits? You’ll know about them even though you weren’t there to witness them, which will provide you with an opportunity to discuss the dangers of unsafe driving with your teen. That discussion can certainly be backed by the threat of confiscating those car keys, if necessary. Chevy makes it possible for you to monitor your teen’s driving, but how you choose to address what the report returns is entirely up to you.

According to the same Harris Poll, 92% of parents surveyed would revoke access to the vehicle if they discovered that their teen was not practicing safe driving habits. A whopping 95% of respondents believe that one of their parental duties is teaching their teen the importance and habits of safe driving.

Chevy’s Safety Engineer, MaryAnn Beebe, agrees: “As a mother of two, it’s extremely important to find solutions that can help young drivers on the road. Chevrolet developed this system as a tool that can give teens some additional coaching as they’re gaining experience. Driving on your own is a big milestone for teens, and Teen Driver helps to remind them to practice safe driving. And for parents, it’s easier to give guidance to your teen when you have some information on what they’re doing behind the wheel.”

Not surprisingly, 79% reported feeling less anxious if they knew they could somehow regulate their teen’s driving tendencies. That number could be higher, but let’s face it, as a parent, can you ever be 100% worry-free? About anything? Of course not.


Report Cards…Even When School’s Out


Chevy Teen Report Card


Here is what you should expect to see tracked on the Teen Driver in-vehicle report card: maximum speed, stability control issues, traction control events, antilock braking occurrences, wide-open throttle instances, tailgating activity alerts, over-speeding alerts, distances covered, forward collision warning activations, and forward collision braking activity.

Additional services provided by Teen Driver include the ability to limit the maximum speed, via the “maximum speed limiter,” as well as restrict radio volume. Actually, the Teen Driver system will immediately silence audio systems if front seat passengers aren’t strapped in with safety belts. In fact, parents also have the ability to set a maximum level for radio volume. Teenagers will know if they are pushing the limits – literally – of the speed maximums preset by parents, courtesy of audible and visual alerts. Also, all Chevy vehicles equipped with Teen Driver offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to promote hands-free communication while driving.

Convinced? We thought so. Take your teen for a test drive in one of Chevy’s ten Teen Driver-equipped vehicles and afford both you and your teen driver some extra confidence on the road.