Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your Own Transmission

December 10th, 2015 by

In car repair terms, transmission repair is a pretty big doozie. Often, this is a major operation – and that means expensive. For gearheads and garage tinkerers, bringing your car to a mechanic might seem like something to avoid.

True, with some basic mechanical knowledge a lot of minor problems can be fixed without a mechanic. The transmission, however, is a crucially important part of the heart of your car, and there are a few key reasons why it might be best to leave this repair to a professional transmission repair service.

It’s Not Really A Simple Job

Often, the problems plaguing a faulty transmission are relatively simple issues – a leaky gasket, or broken valve, or contamination of the transmission fluid. Fixing these problems is not rocket science – messy, for sure, but not outside the realm of the home mechanic.

Sometimes, however, the problem is not immediately evident and doesn’t get found until the transmission is out and taken apart. Deeper transmission problems common require highly specialized tools, like linkage removal tools or transmission spring compressors, that even regular mechanics don’t usually have.

These are the kinds of repairs a mechanic might send out to a specialist since the transmission is such an important element to a well-functioning vehicle. For the amateur home mechanic, this is more than likely beyond the scope of your repair abilities.

The transmission is also a complex and highly organized piece of machinery, with a lot of moving parts that need to be replaced and rebuilt in an exact order. This requires a lot of patience, experience, and access to the proper manuals and documentation to guide the mechanic through a rebuild. For most amateur mechanics, the risk of replacing something incorrectly is extremely high, which could completely destroy your working transmission.

diagnosis-400220_1280It’s Often Technically Complex

Transmissions in cars today are not what they once were. Now, most transmission systems utilize complex computer systems and contain sensitive computer chips and other hardware that is accessible only through special software. For the home mechanic, this is almost definitely outside the range of possible repairs, as it requires a lot of specialized training and understanding of these complex digital systems – let alone a way to access them.

Unless the mechanic in your life is also a computer scientist, it’s probably best to have your transmission looked at by someone who has all of the proper tools and training to do so effectively. Otherwise, you risk doing deep damage to what is essentially the heart of your vehicle.

You Don’t Give Yourself a Warranty

No repair job is 100-percent certain – even professional mechanic regularly give warranties, in case something goes wrong after the repair and more work is needed. This way, the consumer is protected against any errors made during the repair job, or from a shoddy or incomplete repair.

Those who attempt repairs at home get no such warranty, and as such they are not protected against unforeseen complications that may arise from the transmission repair process. By opting for a professional mechanic, you afford yourself peace of mind that the job will be done the right way.

So while it may seem like a good way to save a bit of money, in the end performing your own transmission repairs is a foolish and risky gamble. It’s better to leave it to the professionals, so consider bringing your car to a legitimate transmission repair service before you start tinkering on your own.