Certified Chevy Cars: All The Value, Minus The Risk

July 27th, 2016 by


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Anyone familiar with the process of finding a quality used car knows that it’s no easy feat – between the comparisons between different dealers and dozens of prices, the insecurity that comes with not knowing your vehicle’s past history, and the stress that comes with so many options, the whole thing can feel a bit suffocating to those fed up with the whole rigmarole. For years, shoppers have been asking for an easy, effective, and secure way to find great used cars at great prices, without all the runaround – and with Chevy Certified cars, those pleas have finally been answered.

That’s because a Chevy Certified Car brings all the value and savings of a quality used car plus all the security that comes with buying from one of America’s most trusted automotive brands. Fully inspected for the road and outfitted with warranties to make sure you get out there in good shape, a Chevy Certified car might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for to make your used car purchase smoother than it’s ever been before.

Whether you’re a longtime Chevy driver or simply looking for an easy way to get a quality used car without the hassle of dealing with shady used car sellers, a Certified Used Chevy might be exactly the thing for you. Here’s a look at everything you can expect when dealing with a Certified Chevy dealer, and just why no other used option can compare to these impressive used Chevy vehicles.


Warranty Backed, Expert Protected


2014 Chevrolet Malibu


One of the most valuable features a used car dealer can offer is an extended warranty. Not only does this protect you from lemons and from vehicles that can’t make the cut past the first few hundred miles, it also gives you peace of mind that your used vehicle is ready for the long haul. Plus, with the security of knowing each Certified Chevy is thoroughly inspected prior to sale for any weak points or repairs that are needed, you can drive off the lot confident that your used Chevy is nearly in factory-quality condition, ready to take on the road ahead as though it were fresh off the line.

Those who choose a Certified Used Chevy will receive not just one, but two excellent extended warranties – the enviable 12-Month/12,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty, protecting your entire vehicle from the worst of it for up to a year, and the impressive Powertrain Limited Warranty to 6 years or 100,000 miles, keeping your system running smoothly long after the two of you leave the lot. With service like this behind you, you can take on the road with peace of mind knowing Chevy will be there if anything unexpected goes down.

And for those more worried about upkeep than damage control, Chevy’s got you covered with a standard Maintenance Program for every Certified Used Chevy, offering drivers up to 2 included maintenance visits over the course of two years or 24,000 miles to any Chevy Certified Service Center of your choosing. This means you’ll be able to keep your Chevy running smoothly with top-quality maintenance, all included in the price you pay at the lot. That’s not bad – and a great way to keep your used vehicle strong for years to come.


Exclusive Benefits


Chevrolet Sonic hatchback


In the event that something does go wrong with your newly-purchased Certified Chevy, you can be sure you won’t be made to suffer thanks to Chevy’s Vehicle Exchange Program, which lets you swap out your model for another Certified Chevy within 3 days or 150 miles after you’ve left the lot. That way, you can really get that full test drive before truly deciding whether it’s the right Certified Chevy for you. And if you do suffer some kind of breakdown on the road, Courtesy Transportation comes standard with the Limited Powertrain Warranty to help get you where you need to go without missing a beat.

Drivers may also find themselves upgrading a bit in a Certified Chevy vehicle, especially since every Certified Chevy comes with a complimentary three-month subscription to both SiriusXM Satellite Radio and OnStar Services, meaning you’ll never find yourself bored in traffic again. Surf through hundreds of channels and find new or classic music right at your fingertips, and get where you’re going safely with the help of an OnStar representative on-call. Whatever kind of car you’re coming from, you’ll likely find yourself pleasantly surprised with everything these Certified Chevys bring to the table.


Get That Great Value


2014 Silverado 1500


In all reality, a vehicle loses the majority of its inherent value in the first few years – starting as soon as it’s driven off the lot. That’s why buying used is such a great idea for shoppers with a budget – not only do you avoid the pitfall of depreciation found on new vehicles, but you’ll also get a better deal simply because the illusion of “newness” has worn off. That means more savings without sacrificing quality, and can lead to a great deal for used car shoppers down the road.

Plus, Chevy offers special financing rates to those who choose a certified Chevy car, including as low as 1.9% APR for well-qualified buyers on select Chevy vehicles. That means you won’t be paying those exorbitant interest rates found at other dealers, and when combined with all the service and all the perks that come with a Certified Chevy, it seems almost like a loss not to choose the Chevy-backed option.

So regardless of whether yo’ve had lots of luck with certified Chevys in the past or you’re just now entering into the world of certified used cars for the first time, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by everything that buying a Certified Used Chevy has to offer. Between the excellent care afforded by such a prestigious company and the great value you’re sure to see on your used Chevy, buying Certified Chevys is a smart move for any car shopper looking for the best value around on a great American car. Head over to your local Certified Chevy dealer today and see just what’s waiting there for you – and don’t be surprised to find yourself driving away with something amazing.