Getting Your Chevy Serviced at the Dealer: The Reliable Choice

January 28th, 2016 by

The Chevy dealer service department is the reliable choice when it comes to getting your Chevy car or truck serviced. Why? For a multitude of reasons. First, you know you are leaving your vehicle in the hands of highly trained and certified staff. Secondly, you know your car or truck is at a reputable place. Finally, building trust with a Chevy dealer will give you an edge that you don’t get with corner garages.

These are only three of the reasons to get your Chevy car or truck serviced at the dealer, and all of these make it a reliable choice.

Certified Staff

When you are going to a Chevy dealer to get your vehicle serviced or repaired, you know that you are leaving your vehicle in good hands. These technicians aren’t just certified to work on vehicles; they are certified to work specifically on Chevy vehicles. This means the Chevy technicians know your vehicle better than anyone, which is an important factor when it comes to repairs or service. For example, a Chevy technician might know about a way to repair/service your car better than a corner garage does; simply because it’s a safer way based on your vehicles design. Little things like that are what give the certified technicians an edge compared to corner garages, because they learned all about your vehicles little hiccups through their training.

The technicians literally know your car inside and out, and therefore might also be able to fix an issue that would otherwise pose a problem to a corner garage. The opportunity to leave your Chevy in the hands of experts like this should not be overlooked.

Reputable Service

Because these technicians are also certified, that means it’s also a reputable and trusted service. You know these staff won’t shortcut you, and while they might charge a little more than a corner garage, I’d rather get charged more and know that my car was taken care of properly. Paying for that peace of mind is worth it, and not something that’s guaranteed when you take your car to a corner garage. Because the corner garages are independent, they can also get away with more. For example, a corner garage could tell you that you are getting a new alternator, and instead put in a used one. With no strict regulations to keep them in line, it’s a real risk.

At a Chevy service department however, you know what you are getting when you walk through the door.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Building trust with your dealer is a sure way to get great deals in the future; and a way to do that is choose them for your regular maintenance. If you take your car to a corner garage for regular maintenance and something catastrophic happens a year later, chances are they are going to treat you like a first time customer. Which translates to you paying the full amount. However, loyalty pays off when it comes to Chevy service dealers. There are numerous consumer accounts and ex-technician/manager stories that back up this idea. If you use them for regular service and something catastrophic happens a year later, chances are they will treat you better than a corner garage would. Which is why using them regularly not only builds trust, but also a mutually beneficial relationship for the future.

These are only 3 of the reasons why using a Chevy service dealer is a reliable choice. There are still many more that need to be taken into consideration. Then again, working with certified/reputable staff regularly to build a mutually beneficial relationship in the long-run is enough for most people to use them; even if it might cost a little more.